Friday, February 23, 2018

Simple Weekend Beauty: Finish a Hard To-Do Item

There most certainly is beauty in getting one of those large looming things off your list! For me, it was taxes - I put this off, dread it and dilly dally. This is probably the earliest I've ever gotten it done and it made me feel SO good to finish it up!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

February Slow and Still Life Part 2

One evening when I was the only one home, I resumed my re-watching of Downton Abbey {I'm just starting Season 3 now} and for the first time ever, I made myself an entire pot of tea and drank the whole thing. It was delightful.

Lighting is just a big thing to me - I love the sun light that streams in during these winter months in our living room, love natural lighting and then when the sun goes down - I love the coziness of lamp light. Smaller lights are peaceful, calming, cozy, sweet.

Sometimes walking through home, a scene will just really stand out as lovely or wonderful. This was one of those moments.

Emily took this photo of our neighbors tree - it is always one of our first signs of Spring!

These shoes just scream Rachel - they are so *her* and I was thrilled to find a pair recently on a good sale. Ever since, I've been eager to get a picture of her toes and then liked the pair of our toes together too!

Another evening of sky watching during ballet. This time I went a few extra blocks to a beach front area and the sky was a painting that just kept getting prettier by the minute.

Even after I got back to the ballet studio, I decided who cares if there are cars in the way! The sky was just too beautiful to ignore!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Slow Day: Valentine Edition

Tradition: Dollar store balloons for each of our children
Donuts for breakfast
Reading this and the Bible
Quiche and Berenstain Bears on You Tube
Guest photographer Rachel took the photo of the quiche and Emily took several in the backyard
Candlelight Valentine Dinner

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Monday, February 19, 2018

February Slow and Still Life

A variety of photos have turned up in my February folder that don't really merit an entire post each themselves. However, they are full of life and slow and simplicity and memories so I want to include them. Thus, I am grouping several of them into a post of their own!

If I had to describe February so far, I would say that it has felt full of margin. This was one of my goals for this month and I'll be posting more - but for now, I'm enjoying the white space both on our calendar and in my mind and heart.

One afternoon, Samuel and Rachel were home with me while Emily was at a Math class. They sourced supplies from the recycle bin and art cabinet and created a cardboard piano and Viking ship! Scout looks a little less than thrilled to be first mate!

One Sunday afternoon, I made sugar cookies which my children and I decorated. This ended up being one of my favorite photos of the cookies because it shows the view in real time that is typically cropped to something more aesthetically pleasing. Real life all around the fringes!

Here are some others that I took at the same time:

Next, a little Sunday selfie - I've been a little wardrobe weary lately, but this is a new piece that I added from the sale rack at the Ann Taylor outlet. I love it because it feels Springy and also for how it pulls together a thrifted cardigan and yard sale $1 skirt!

As a bonus, once I got it home, I realized the little designs were cotton plants and blooms. This is so exciting because I've been helping with our church and the upcoming missions conference and one of our themes is including cotton and this verse. Not only that, but the color scheme provided by the church is blue and green which this top is also! I just love when little things like that happen, to me, it is God just reminding me of His presence in the little details of life!

We also found Rachel a cute springy dress and here she is pacing in front of my bedroom window talking to Grammie and telling her all about it!

When we hung up, I saw this cardinal on the rose bush by our porch. We have had SO many cardinals lately - it has been fun to watch!

Well that was fun and I have more, so I'll be back with another set!